Apologies for the delay in posting - but after a website redesign to match my current writing and scrapbook type work, it's time for a new post!

Working at Hamilton Studios is going brilliantly - having such a great time and learning so much. 

At the same time, I'm really getting into graphic designs and editorial writing, entering a selection of competitions and submitting freelance work, some of which is available on my Portfolio pages. 

Although all my friends are deciding on what to do at uni, I have decided against it and will be looking for full time work after my exams, hopefully in an editorial or design position.

Theatre Tech


This year, I've also voulenteered my services at the Chequer Mead Arts Centre in East Grinstead, to help out with technical aspects of the shows. 

On Friday 30th Sept, I assisted with a 'Back to Broadway' touring musical, and was in charge of the spotlight for the performance. I also got to use the Can headsets which really helped me feel like part of the team! 

Back to College


So the new school term has started and what a busy year it's going to be! Currently studying my 4 A2 Levels, I'm enjoying being back and learning more in my chosen study areas. I'm also signed up as part of the newly formed Journalism Club, partnered with the BBC, to help develop my understanding and experience in that area. I'm also working with local journalists for my A Level Language Investigation coursework, investigating whether stenography is still useful in modern day. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up some shorthand techniques through this study, which will add another skill to my CV!

I'm also in this year's school play as a background character - which is probably good due to all the extra work I've given myself! I shall be commenting on that as the show progresses! 
I'm incredibly sad that my time at ITV has come to an end - it's been a fantastic experience and I've met some wonderful people and learnt so much! 

I am completely overwhelmed at how kind everyone has been and by their support and encouragement over the past weeks - I really hope I'll be able to work with the team again in the near future! 

My best wishes go to everyone at ITV Studio Drama and to all the future productions coming our way! 
Thursday evening I was invited to attend the Cast and Crew Preview Screening of "Appropriate Adult" - a drama about the Fred West murders. After a quick walk though the bustling London town, we arrived at the beautiful Soho Hotel, and were shown to our private room and screening room! It was incredible and the hotel was amazing! Very glitz and glam! 

I was privileged to watch "Appropriate Adult" a few days before it was shown on ITV - and thought it to be an incredible piece of drama. Although I think I was too young to appreciate the full Fred West story, the acting and the emotions in the story were incredible, and to know that I had worked with and chat to some of the major people involved with the show was really inspiring! 

Unfortunately I was only able to stay for the first screening as I had to catch a train (and had my first ride in a black cab!) but can't wait to catch up on Part II! 
Today was an exciting day, as I bumped into Jonathan Ross in the reception! 

As well as this, I was invited to the ITV Cast and Crew preview screening of "Appropriate Adult" - a new drama based around the Fred West stories that's due to air in a few weeks time. Although I'm really nervous about it, I'm looking forward to meeting some of the external guys involved with the company, as well
Although this week has been quite quiet, I've had another good variety of tasks to do, such as arranging vans and collections, archiving old videos and greeting more guests to ITV. 

I've learnt loads about the company, including the 'behind the scenes' stuff you don't read about on Wikipedia - such as the wonderful facilities available on the internal 'Watercooler' and the extra perks of the job - such as free Starbucks! 

I'm looking forward to my last week, and to see what other activities I can fit in before back to school. I really hope I'll be able to come to ITV after Year 13 as I've really enjoyed my time inside such a popular company.
On Wednesday 17th August, I was in charge of arranging a casting session for ITV's "Vera". For this I had to book a location, organise passes with security and supervise the actors to their auditions. Through this, I met some amazing people who have incredible portfolios, as well as learning some secret tips of the trade. 

The day really gave me an opportunity to become involved with the pre-production, as well as giving me a job with more responsibility within the department.
So this week I started my extra summer work alongside the guys at ITV. So far I've done more script work, helped submit entries into the Royal Television Society award show, and visited the massive Media Library of past tapes and film. Oh - and I met Lee Ryan in a lift! 

I'm having such an amazing time, and have learnt so much about the production of television shows. I know that I definitely want to go into the production side of TV. I'm looking forward to my next few weeks working with ITV.
So my Work Experience week went brilliantly - so brilliantly, that they offered me a full time position as their new runner! Unfortunately, due to college I decided to turn it down, BUT instead am going to work with them until I go back to school! 

Very exciting opportunity!  Really looking forward to working alongside the amazing guys at ITV Studio Drama again!